What Is Artificial Intelligence?

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The name Artificial Intelligence was chosen by a Mathematician named John McCarthy, at a college in the US called Dartmouth College. The name was chosen to represent a concept for a new kind of technology...

Machines that think!

During a very important workshop held at Dartmouth in 1956, John McCarthy met with fellow computer scientists, Allen Newell from CMU, Marvin Minsky from MIT, Arthur Samuel from IBM, and Herbert Simon from CMU. The workshop was named The Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence. The workshop became known as the birth of Artificial Intelligence, and John, Allen, Marvin, Arthur and Herbert became the founders of research into Artificial Intelligence.

Cool hey?

A foundation owned by one of the richest families in the world, were responsible for funding the workshop, a foundation known as: The Rockerfeller Foundation. Things were great for a number of years, but due to previously unknown difficulties identified during the research, in 1974, funding was cut. This event led to a number of years, where it was almost impossible to find funding for research into Artificial Intelligence, known as...

The. A.I. Winter!

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